Friday, January 21, 2011

The Cullman Alternative, backstory Part I

  • Porcine valves from GMO pigs mutate their hosts into porkers.

    Brownbacks: austrolapithici from the deep jungle of africa turn out to be Humanzees: human chimp hybrids created for slavery purposes
  • The Cullman Alternative: factory farms with pig medical hybrids bred with human genes for organ compatibility have been inadvertently mixed in with the pigs, producing wild porkers (pigs with random human features, a 6 legged one that can ...rear up like a centaur, it breeds and produces more, some of whom have progressively human features, a pig with a human-like face, a pig that walks upright on human legs) the mutants are usually killed at birth, but the alphamutant begins to formulate a society, with the ability to empathize and communicate to other animals, so an animal farm situation develops, but they make a break for it one night when some animal rights activists breach the factory, and are surprised to find the mutants, most still young. The alphamutant understands what is happening, and cooperates with the escape plan, they get out with all the animals, who are made to be quiet by the amazing messiah-like alphahog, who later learns english and calls himself "Alfa" after he hears the people referring to him as the alpha mutant, they change their whole mission once they see the existence of the hybrids. From now on they seek to promote interspecies hybridization as a means of complicating the ethical issues of animal exploitation. One among the radicals hatches a plan to introduce "wild dna" into the meat supply at a factory, or to spread a rumor of its existence, either way, to disrupt the industry. A campaign of massive culling occurs in the animal industry, while in the news the "discovery" of austrolapithicus in the jungles of africa turn out to be human chimp hybrids bred for slavery. The "Imps" and other humonculli organize a resistance and form a union. When they are suppressed they riot, and overcome their masters with surprising strength and speed. They take over the compound, and, also with the help of the Animalrightswingers, talking crows, they hole up in the compound/laboratory. The crows relate information, but the crows can also type and use skype. The crows are the campaign writers. They naturally can talk and think, and are in solidarity with the whale federation, able to fly far and wide as messengers in the beginning of the movement, they learned of the existence of the animal rights/environmental movements, and found human allies among the extremists and mystic order of druids, who formed the New Order of Animals (NOA). From this arises the RAA, the revolutionary animal army, who militantly demand the end of the meat industry, but animal testing is an unresolved issue because it is tangled up in the pan-sentience movement to create more hybrids to swell the ranks of the NOA with talkers and fighters. Not all of these animals appreciate their frankenstein-like existence, and some betray the movement after promises of gene therapy to make them fully human. At first this is a lie, but when it seems to become a success as a slow process, enough hybrids defect to drive the movement underground, and then comes The Culling, the hunt to extinguish all "Mankind shall not suffer the ungodly existence of humanimal hybrids of any kind. Brownbacks, Imps, Porkers, and Humonculli are to be condemned to restricted areas for quarantine. These zones turn out to be partly death camps, but soon it is realized that so much of the population of pigs has been "infected" with the rogue human dna, and some other dna which has been slipping in through cybernanogenes (notably Nanogenie, a product of Cybergenie, Inc.) that it is covered up, and the meat is part human. Government regulatory commissions are inspect the camps but there is little funding, because the the market crashes, the animal hybrid debate is overshadowed by economic collapse, as instead of preparing for the massive migratory eventuality of global warming sea rise, instead more wars have been fought, as America has poured everything into the military, and is now almost completely militarized and privatized. Islam is outlawed, but the rise of the First Earth Church and the World Church, a universal hybrid of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism/Buddhism manages to maintain peace through the charismatic leadership of the Prime Minister Brian Goodman.See more
  • So begin the Drone Wars, war within America. The military has built up a primarily UAV army, and high-tech Warfighters. Governments of the world make peace with each other as they try to control their own populations. Cyberterror

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