Friday, January 21, 2011

Raw writing

Wally "Smoker" McWillie, smokes the dirtweed bud into the jerky.  "Willy Mack" was his affectionate childhood nickname, he was called "Willy McVanilli" by the cruel kids, until he cut one.  He got of light, cuz he was white.

Turkey "masters" or "massiahs" follow a carravan of Elephant rebels.  Vernon asks, "Why are those faces painted black?"  As an alternative to detention.
The Magic City Color Code
Face Paint and Role

Black   Killacop

Blue     Popocops
White   Service as alternative to detention
Yellow/Black   Dangersquad, Capt. Pwnygrl
Green   Animal Detectives, Lilnill, Jack Larat, Vernon joins eventually
Purple   The Poor
Red      Red Forbidden because of Racewar, in all out revolution all paint faces black and red

Depudy Garth Wilder been gone, he's joind the Sherrifs Troopers.  Skyway Patrol is led by the gentry known as Jesse Caldwell, Uncle Dale's secret nephew. 

Golfing on the Moon
Gatekeeper, Leftgate
Black Panzer Sabbath
Lucas Walker Bush
Hoth walker countermeasures: 
  1. Asteroid IEPs
  2. Ion Cannons
  3. Stinger Missles
  4. Mines (IEDs)
  5. Autocannons
  6. Gundroids
  7. Ion turrets "No ship that small has a cloaking device"
  8. Ort
Race Wars
Heidi's Mother and Father were involved in the purges of the Race Wars
  1. The Racers - Whiteracer/Blackracer 
  2. Rage Wars (random acts of good and evil reality tv) become Race Wars
  3. Drunken Yogi - metatater self-generated alcoholists
  4. The Crystalactite Caverns of Chrystopolis
  5. Torture Dungeon - Animal test sanctum
  6. Disnazis - Christians who believe the Rapture has occured and that they are the left behind, so they turn to Satan in hopes of getting to Heaven through rebellion
  7. Mexican Peaceful Utopia - Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll Kids
 Restaurants of the Fewture
  1. Crazytrain - "Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow"
  2. McChomsky's - Home of the Czech Patty
  3. Hearts and Brains - Home of the Humanwich
  4. Wal-Mart - provides all material needs for the New South
  5. Spinnaz - Pizza
  6. Ma Grill - Vietnamese Soul Food
  7. Osho's - Fake beans
  1. Amish Wizardry - Peace and Gardening.  "The Gardener", Jobdiah Crane
  2. Christian O'Reilly, The Irish Wichen
  3. Cyberhalo Mandalla - Mandar the Incarnate
  4. Returned Prophet - "I told Ye so!" 
  5. Angelic Babyheads of Death
  6. Value of Gold - Spiritual medium and cyberkinetics.  Goldenchain Armor
  7. The Cyberkin - Race of "Pure' AI  
  8. Buddha 2.0 - What distinguished Buddha 2.0 was his self-conclusion to the philosophical questions poised by man regarding man's nature.  Other super computers include
  9. Aeye - The Timeseer, glimpses have been witnessed of either past or present, generally difficult to tell.
  10. Praytor - Messianic Computerweb, spreads like virus, even into human brains, braincleaner
  11. CZR - Master of war
  12. MC3 - Musician of the Spheres/ Sonic Mastermind.  Designed for crowd control management central coordinator, becomes self aware of the Ohm, and loves Black Sabbath
Other groups
  1. Homers - Squatters living on Confiscated Property Shelters
  2. The Garden Party
  3. DIY Autoclub
  4. Blacbloc  
  5. Anonymous Youth Movement AYM 
  6. Vendoers
  7. Mullets vs. Mohawks - suburban gang turf wars
  8. 4skins - Skinhead Antisemenites - same shit
  9. Iceborgs - Secret Psiborgs
  10. DARPA Dronewarriors - the old military guard
Population Demographics (Post War)
  1. The Gods - 1 % Singular Immortals
  2. The Employed - Gated Courtiers - 9% - Hight tech/ creatives/ entertainers
  3. The Military/Police - 40%, includes "Families", Child armies, Prison Force (Prisoners turned Guards, including the Prison Kings, overlapping with the Wasted, and the Gardeners - esoteric agrarian spiritual warriors)
  4. The Unemployed - Ghettoburbers/Ghettoburgers/Losers - 30% Unemployed/Part-time FFood/Criminals
  5. The Wastes/Preserves - The Wasted 10% Revolutionaries/Criminals
Geopolitical Changes (Post War)
  1. Russia - Shining Star of Capitalism
  2. China - Like Russia, but with much more forced Nanosurveillance, the will of the Han.  Ultrasecret Union of Korea and Japan.  Paranoia, the Frog and the Scorpion
  3. Louisiana Territory - Includes Arkansas, Missouri - Fascist Totalitarian Christian Superstate, disintegrating under corruption and brain drain
  4. The CSA - The Conservative States of the America Politically absorbing gradually the LT, there is a movement to join the two regions into the CSA (renamed Christian States of America)

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