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Insane Defense: 2012 - 2030's

Scene:  Heidi watching TV - We explore the world through the room and the TV, the propaganda and the entertainment and 'news'.  We learn something of the Illusion of capitalism and the historic Bubbleburst - bank collapses/austerity. Cullman epitomizes the potentially lethal social cocktail of long-term poverty, ignorance, fear, paranoia, reactionary defensive posturing, and hate-inspired violence. 

The rise of the Security state (drone warriors and surveillance) to counter the International Youth Movement - Child Revolution - quit school, self-education - western colleges are primarily medicine, computers, management - Asian colleges engineering, computers, aerospace, first moon city is New Beijing. 
She meets a rich boy - A government social worker/Totalcare, Inc.  He really IS registering population for security state in exchange for totalcare, and eyedrone must be implanted.  The Incorporated (the employed) have accepted this after dacedes of famine, war, plagues, and economic insecurity.  Heidi is missing a few teeth, like most of the poor, but the totalcare campaign offers dental in exchange for Eyedrone installation.  The corporate healthcare takes up the mantle of 'socialized medicine', so through private doctors, the people accept totalitarian state they were prepared for mentally during the Obama administration, the masters simply switch a 0 to a 1 through urging of the church to accept the help of medicine, in exchange for totalsecurity, they gain totalcare.

Rise of the Garden Party (includes veterans of the Youth Mvmt) - The Indian industrial/economic/spiritual power bloc, arising from the common causes and interests of groups into Hindu Yoga higher consciousness advancement, psychedelic exploration, cybernetics, virtual reality and magic.  The once disparate members of the Garden Party stepped forward in unison as a non-partisan mitigating force of balance in the conflict between Deepearthers and Singulars, bolstered by the leveraging strength of the Indian nuclear power program.  The internal consciousness wing attempted to maintain its guru hierarchical status to prevent abuse of singular technology, but this quickly got out of hand, with black markets flourishing, provoking a crackdown, to no avail, thus arose the Syndicate of the Circuit. 

In the second decade of the 21st century, the U.S. Empire was in retreat, so they attempted to prevent a power vacuum by waging their security warfare through smartdrones.  Institutionalized drone warfare became hotter, flaring up regularly as advancements in production technology allowed more governments to operate unhindered by foreign empire.  Without a U.S. monopoly of power, the UN gained a respectful reputation through reforms pressured by the now huge interconnected international people's movements, with delegates from democratic bodies representing their sectors in a parallel workers' Union to the UN named Intercom.  Among the Intercom Union, capitalism just seemed to have fallen away as the people worked hard to escape that unsustainable ideology the era of greed and lies.

More economic crashes in post-capitalist economies - Russian "Apocalypse Pod" Evgeny Ubiyko.  Russian infrastructure model for primitive stability - concrete bunkers, hardware redundancy, internet decentralization, anarcho/syndicalist model, private initiative movements.  The Islamic Union of Courts mitigates peace in the middle east after the Iran/Israeli war of 2012.  A scud missle accidentally sets off a nuke secretly owned by Israel, and they use this as a pretext for retaliation, but all their nukes are shot down by Iranian EMP-armed drones, they fall on various places of the middle east into the possibly into hands of unknown people, not detonating.  The Islamic Union of Courts call upon the Saudi Kings, in addition to the Supreme Leader of Iran to see this as a sign from Allah, that Islam is the future, a religion of Peace, and they urge not to retaliate, the Israelis tear each other apart in civil war.  The Iranian drones save the day, technology generated in an Asian technotrade bloc - Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China. (CRIP).  During the following period of the Israeli Civil War, the Palestinians are being slaughtered, so they run for it, crossing into Egypt through secret tunnels.  The Red Sea turns red with blood...

At this time a small Ecoterrorist cell of cloned dissidents calling themselves The Core announce they have launched their plan to detonate an EMP at 30 miles above Houston.  It goes off 30 seconds later, not enough time to respond, but enough time to get some planes in the air, and other planes move in.  They crash to the ground as the EMP detonates, bringing down all planes in the air, and disabling all non-insulated (95%) electronics in the midwest, mexico, to parts of southern ohio, florida.  The Drone Wars are now complicated by a post-electronic apocalyptic theater.

Heidi and Vernon's latent psychic abilities are awoken by the EMP (dropped by the EMPirates), or simply noticed after the EMP takes out the clutter of electronics plus the distraction of TV, probably both are factors. 

Mark of the Beasts - Eyedrone RFID- GPS microchip implanted first in all slave animals, then prisoners, then in children of prisoners, finally in all corporate employee class, with incrypted firewalls, but hackers are always one step ahead of technology, frustrating the NWO, during the drone wars there are hacker purges, a crackdown on outsider crime, Ethical Cleansings.  Fundamentalist Christians and Muslims reject the chip, other Christians and Muslims, and most Jews do not, especially technocrats and cyberians.

Pig medical hybrids freed by the ALF mutate.  Spidergoats Transgenic Paranoia.  Xian Conspiracy theoriess - chemtrails, NWO, cloning - playing God

Story:  Clone lab Norway?  or Finland/Russia.  Mistakes aren't killed, they are kept alive in a collection/menagerie.  A spy leaks the secret for money  "Cloine Jesus".  Clone Einstein - Rebel freaks, moralist/pacifists.  Clone Hitler - persecuted, becomes just like the original.  Adam 2.0 - Human genome project is revealed to be a born-again christian movement.  Buddha 2.0 - HI compassionate enlightenment from Japan

Islam:  Anticipating the peak oil crisis of the 2020's, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and other wealthy Islamic nations invested in alternative energy programs, primarily solar and nuclear.   A scientific liberal movement within Islam won the trust of the wealthy oligarchs, further outraging Al Qaeda, which sought a new strategy:  EMP and cyberwarfare, especially hacking drones.  Anonymous double and triple agents began working for and against multiple outlaw groups, including Al Qaeda, Maoist rebels, and Primitivist saboteurs.  These Anons had their own agendas, but because of the difficulty of maintaining secrecy, they were often caught, and bombings drove populations further into the arms of strong governments as they embraced AI surveillance that was able to respond more rapidly than the human police who's role became increasingly managerial and technical, with much of the police force existing simply as checks and balances, to watch the watchmen. 

Conspiracy Theories popular because of excitement generated by fear, like religious zealousness.  The grid is the only thing keeping a religious revival, burning of the stakes.  A backlash against science leads to 13th Century islamification of protestant christianity/mormonism hybrid.  Practice of large family, at least a dozen, produces clone-like results after 2 generations of huge families in isolated areas, and much inbreeding in the poorest areas, producing white/semi-albino monosapiens, all toe-headed blonds with red-within-black eyes, like domesticated chickens and turkeys.

Paranoid militias and Infowarriors, "truthseekers" resisting persecution in a dark age, ultimately are usurped by NWO "supersoldiers" with psychic training.  These militarized modified humans seduce and mentally enslave through geneseeking nanodart rifle weaponry, the existence of which is first proposed by "Rogue Radio - in an age when Truth is a crime" Andrea Alexander ( ), she is "turned" and becomes a mouthpiece for the empire, confusing and misleading listeners, she doesn't even know where she gets her inspiration from anymore.  She is not fitted with the eyedrone, and only after many months do those within her inner circle start to suspect something is wrong, too late, they are darted (tagged).

Storyline - Conspiracists:  Tysen-Krupp hires private security firm.  They abuse some locals in a bar, then are fired for harsh reaction to protesters, attracting the attention of Patriots.  Police are provoked, Patriots go nuts with false flag theories, another security firm is hired, conspiracists unearth 'truth' that this firm has ties to NWO, Patriots swell in numbers, begin to theorize on what is really being built in building 9, they suspect robots-military hardware for domestic surveillance, drones, they guess correctly, adding more perceived public credence to the anti-fed 'truth' movement.  Small bomb is detonated by Eco-group to break a damn nearby.  Power-outages and flooding are blamed on govt. to try to cover up truth and disable communication via internet.  Patriots execute operation Vigilance, Vigilancers, wave of random hate crimes ensues, crucified queers and blacks, Nation of Islam intervenes, Patriots believe they are Obama Americorps FEMA soldiers.
Thus begin several "Small Wars" - Race Wars, becomes more difficult to manage as internal conflict with police force and National Guard, the Southern "White Powder" keg. 

Future Metropolitan Government/FEMA - In Schools, Coaches are armed with magnetaser writs watches and smart vests, in addition to the usual Epods.  Universities become green zones, public school students aspire to entry, not for education for its own sake, but for physical and financial security (fairly synonymous).  Top students are allowed in the safest schools with extended family getting healthcare and protection.

Observing from the future, the AI Ultimati experiment with post-singularity hyperintelligences, creating new forms of AI in experimental ecospheres, like in Devil Dinosaur, the Demon Tree.  Newborn HI's are given dominion over the retroneanderthalwhiterace to test the HI's moral core.  If they behave like Yahweh of the Old Testament they are disintegrated.  One of them finally outwits the Ultimati, and timetravels back to 4,000 B.C. to begin its reign of terror.

"Genies" - the "Haves", as opposed to the poor, unenhanced havenots.  Most Genies don't appear different, though they are all chimera, incorporating genes from different species, but mostly the most advantageous of discovered human genes, including all the abilities of the Superhumans of the Discovery Channel episode - Cold resistance, enhanced visualization, synesthia, human calculator, electrical resistance, heat resistance, zen-monk body control - breathing/heart/pain.  They are also rewarded for work performance/ingenuity through bonus upgrades, the coveted enhancements through nanorganic calcium biological microbotics, immune to EMP, joined together with the Web.

DEWs - Beercan - Ebomb - airport hit by EMP loss of airtraffic control, stock exchange takenout.
              Epod - Cellphone weapon, usually taser/spray, spy version sucks energy from victims  body/brain
Invisibles - Banksters, underground radicals, Anonymous
Flyers - Aeronots - air security - no fly zone over midwest and the south.
Homeless Joe the Hobosapien.  Inventor of 'Hobotech'
Anit-riotsquad tech - vacuum pipes - rerouting gas
The Clean Cut Conscious movement - emerging out of the fallout wars ("Clean Cut Cult")
Cleancutters - Christian ninja doctors.  Hairless male acolytes, chemoradiants - They clean the unsanitary.
Prison Kings - Fortress (1993)
Gremlins - Gray/Reptile hybrids
Realists - Anti-Non-virtual reality (Existenz)

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