Friday, February 4, 2011

The Skinbred Camp

Cruelty keeps the skins hard.  They have no pity.  Not even for themselves, so they don't despair.

The Skinbreds train for combat using live bait from a cagefull of starved illegals.  After the sport feed them to the dogs.  There's a butcher called "Smoker" over the hill who cuts up carcasses for loot.  Bastard's too crippled to kill on his own.  Old fucker cuts up the carcass.  Meat and bones go to the dogs, guts to the garden, heads on the wall.  So that's how we get to eat dog meat.  Rumor has it ole Smoker started skipping the dog and has been smokin' illegal meats into the jerky!  Sick bastard's got a sense of humor, I guess, tried it once himself, on accident, asshole smokes too much.

The Skinny bitches hang around their manfriends, taunting and jeering anyone and everyone.  Most of them hate the idea of motherhood, but will take care of children, found or stolen, and raise them to fight the other child soldiers.  Ain't right killin' children, less its kids versus kids.  They do what it takes to survive.  Heidi saw a runaway skinny once.  Her hair was bright red, a bright red mullet flying like a cardinal across the tops of the tall grass, on down the road.  Heidi watched her go.  She didn't know she was being watched.  She told Steve and Wally bout seein her.  They left in the electric car, the quiet car, so she knew they were up to somethin.  She didn't think about that skinny girl again.  The told herself she won't say nothing if she sees her again.

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