Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Garth Wilder Part III plus Technology notes

Ironclad Confederate Patriots - Redneck Rebel Armor, highly decorative flag motifs - American flag, confederate flag, Alabama flag, Nazi swastikas, Christian and German war crosses, NASCAR pop culture - Coke, Popsi, Dorritoes, BP, Chestmate, Breastmate, Ballistic, Brigandine

Story Arc 2 - Garth Wilder, Deputy under the Sheriff of Warrior, who answers to Senator Caldwell.
I. Garth's assimilation
    A. Goal - better life, stability through martial law
    B. Conflict - Initial fighting with forest pigs reveals they can take hostages and communicate surrender, deputies watch in horror as drones bomb the woods.  The hostages are not worth keeping, as they are classified as criminals.  There are casualties, but some of the pigs escape and bring a hostage with them, as the pigs are shocked that the police would attack their own.  Something like a stockholm syndrome relationship develops between the pigs and their captives, human children.  The children are carried off into the magnolia jungle on piggy-back.  Garth has learned the value  of human life is low indeed.  He keeps his mouth shut.  We get the impression that the drones are the key to the defensive strategy of the new political landscape.
    C. Garth is deputized, returns home with mission to keep order- confronts Steve and Wally - After discovering Heidi and Vernon are gone, he investigates the camp, looking for evidence, Steve tries to stop him, explaining that they left without explanation, and reminds Garth that he was in on the business, too.  Garth delivers his speech on reconstruction.  Wally exits quickly, Garth moves to halt him, but Steve rushes Garth, and Wally drives off in the electric golf cart.  Garth and Steve fight.  Steve beats him back but Garth swings an elephant tusk, revealing the nano-enhancements of his suit, now activated.  Steve is shoved to the ground.  Garth gives him a chance to leave.  "Steve, it's me, Garth!  We grew up together, we're cousins, might as well be brothers.  I never wanted to get involved in the crap we did on this farm, but I went along like everyone else because the world was crazy, but we can rebuild.  You done wrong by assaulting an officer of the law just now, but we're blood kin, so I'm gonna let you go and you're gonna go find Wally and leave this cannibal farm right NOW!"  "What are you gonna do?"  "I'm gonna give us all a chance at a new life.  Forget about what was done here.  It won't matter after today.  I'm gonna burn this place to the ground."  As he climbs into the hummer, Steve seems to come to terms with his defeated life, then a shot rings out, Wally has returned with the hunting rifle from the electric car, Garth reaches for his assault rifle, the second shot hits him in the lower back, paralyzing Garth from waste down.  Steve walks towards the vehicle, says nothing.  In horrible pain and disillusionment, Garth touch activates the code for the drone flying overhead, ordering it to protect the officer, which strafes Wally with incendiaries, igniting the nearby canisters of fat-fuel ablaze.  Steve flings himself at the hummer as Garth pulls himself into the the cab and shuts the door.  Steve is yelling to open the door or he'll shoot, there are flames everywhere.  The Terrodrone lands atop the hummer like a pterodactyl and its eye meet Steve's for a split-second before it blows a hole in his chest with its beak-like sniper rifle.  Garth orders the Hummer to return to the police station, he passes out from his injuries.

Pterodrone - Hybrid solar electric/non-electric clockworker, therefore partially immune to EMP, the most common form of anti-robotic/tech weaponry.  Launched from handcranked ballista.  Equipped with sniper rifle and two Mephisto missles.
II. Elephant War - Conflict/Lowest point, rejoins Heidi, part was under bad circumstances
III. Resolution, Redemption, Sacrifice - not mortal but painful

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